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We specialize in all kinds of tattooing, such as custom work & portraits. We also do all kinds of piercings here: Basic ($15ea), Surface Anchors a.k.a. Microdermals ($25ea), & Genital Piercings ($50ea). Piercing Numbing Cream is offered for an extra $5. *Pricing includes jewelry! Tooth Gems are another service that we do at the shop and for only $15 which are painless & do no damage to your teeth. Retail jewelry is available for $5 & up, Aftercare Spray is $5, Pure Emu OIl is $3. Our piercer, Tatiana Talalayevsky is available Mon, Wed-Sat 1-9pm & Sun 12-6pm. -She does jewelry changes/removals (which includes no-cut microdermal removals) & stretches piercings as well.

Visible Ink was established in 2005. So, we’ve been open for some time now and have a great reputation. Our artists are all very talented in the many varieties of tattooing they do & our piercer, Tatiana Talalayevsky is very experienced in her work as well. Our current tattoo artist line up is as follows: Benny Mac, Little Ant, Patrick Sandlin, Scott Barry, Andrew Woodbury, & Carlos Montilla.

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