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Established in 1994, T-Mobile changed wireless for our customers. Un-carrier made us who we are and it has become synonymous with 100% customer commitment. We set out to change the game, and the results speak for themselves. When VoiceStream Wireless was purchased by Deutsche Telekom and became T-Mobile USA, we were just like the other guys. We knew in order to stand out, we’d have to make a big impact. Enter the Un-carrier and the beginning of the end of the wireless industry as you knew it. We do it for the customer. The Un-carrier’s momentum has become a consumer revolution that sets T-Mobile completely apart from the competition–with business results to match. T-Mobile ONE abolished data limits forever. We simplified pricing and introduced a single plan that includes unlimited data, talk, and text. We set out to relieve our customers’ pain points and ended up creating a wireless revolution. Join us and be part of the Un-carrier movement.

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We’re still building the website, so as you look around we want you to know that this is beta content. The features are still being worked on and there is a lot of content that is still just placeholder text.


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