Interlude Salon & Day Spa


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pon arriving at Interlude, you will be greeted with a welcoming “hello.”

We know how hectic life can be in this fast paced society. Balancing our careers and family leaves little time for maintaining our beauty. We respectfully strive to take our clients “on time”. The mutual client/staff respect, contributes greatly to our warm and inviting atmosphere.

As many of our competitors do– We do not glorify the basics here at Interlude. We educate our clients based on their needs. We only carry the types of products that we believe in, and use on ourselves.

Our focus is individualized attention. We do this in many ways. You will be asked various questions about your lifestyle and any goals you may have for your appearance. We truly listen before offering our expertise. Your consultation will feel more like a conversation–not a questionaire.

You won’t have to worry about being left under a dryer, in a treatment room or at a hair sink unnecessarily. We do not stack our clients and disrupt the flow. The staff is focused on you and your time slot when you are here.

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