Howard D. Stranger, DC


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In 1974, Howard Stranger improperly lifted a 100 pound bag of grain.  A few hours later he was experiencing excruciating lower back pain and radiating pain down the back of his right leg.  He saw numerous medical doctors and continued to suffer with this injury for six years.

While living in Flagstaff, Arizona he visited a chiropractor and got incredible relief.  It was at this time he decided to pursue a career as a chiropractor.  Howard moved to Marietta, Georgia where he attended Life Chiropractic College (now Life University).

After graduating in 1984, Dr. Stranger passed the Massachusetts Chiropractic Board and found employment as an Associate Doctor at Cordima Chiropractic Health Services in Arlington, Massachusetts.

Following his work as an Associate Doctor, Dr. Stranger opened his own practice in November 1988 and has served the Malden, Medford, Everett, Melrose and Revere communities since this time.

Dr. Stranger makes his adjustments utilizing an Activator.  An activator is a hand held, high velocity, low force instrument designed to adjust the spine and joints of the body.  Use of the Activator make the adjustments completely painless and without the “crack” so often felt/heard with manual adjusting techniques.  Dr. Stranger is one of approximately 600 chiropractors nationwide who is Advanced Proficiency Rated in the Activator Technique.

Dr. Stranger has also been active in service the Malden area communities.  He has served as President of the Malden Rotary Club, Bike To the Sea, Back Talk Toastmasters and Business Network International.

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