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When Ginny was of age, her first “real job” was working at Betty Ann’s Bakery, right around the corner from her family home in East Boston.
From there, she started working in 1967 as an Operator for “Ma Bell” (known as Verizon today) She came up thru the ranks, and in 1994, retired as a Manager in Boston (at the young age of 46). After taking some time off to travel, work on her golf game, bucket/wish list and of course gambled whenever she came across a city or Country with a Casino in it.
In June 2000, Gifts By Ginny mail order business was born. Maria (her partner and CEO) and Ginny also attend local craft shows in the New England area. Over the years, Gifts By Ginny has grown and fined tuned her product line to the needs of her customers.
In order to continue to provide customers with unique personalized products, Ginny has chosen to keep the business small ~ after all, quality service is important to us.
You can see our products here on this page and check out out schedule for upcoming craft show events in New England.

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