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Creative Homeworks is a customer focused residential architectural practice. One where you, the Client, are listened to. Small jobs are welcomed. Budgets are abided by. And the work gets done promptly providing you with a well-thought out living environment that works with the way you live. Architecture means many different things to different people. In our practice, we lean towards Architecture, as defined by Merriam-Webster: “the art or science of building; specifically: the art or practice of designing and building structures especially habitable ones.” To us, that last part of the definition is the most important — habitable. To be comfortable, a house needs to be designed for the way you live. At Creative Homeworks, we live up to our name. We use creativity to ensure that your home works for you. We enjoy hearing your dreams, needs, likes and dislikes to create space that delights you. With a background in construction as well as design, we ensure that entire process including the construction phase proceeds seamlessly. Years later, our clients tell us that they love their homes. To us, that’s the true test of our work.

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We’re still building the website, so as you look around we want you to know that this is beta content. The features are still being worked on and there is a lot of content that is still just placeholder text.


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