Constable’s Office, Mark J. Snider, Constable


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Snider & D’Amato Constables is a professional Constable & Process Server agency located in Malden, MA, just six miles north of Boston. The office is primarily responsible for serving legal documents (civil process) such as subpoenas, summonses, eviction notices, executions, physical evictions, capias civil arrest warrants and other legal notices throughout Massachusetts and across the country. As Notaries, we may also issue subpoenas upon request in any pending legal action and offer mobile notary public services. In addition to providing legal services, the office provides training in Basic Firearms Safety and CPR on site at our Malden office. If you are an attorney, self represented in a court case, a landlord, or anyone else needing the service of a constable or process server in Massachusetts, Snider & D’Amato Constables can assist you.

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