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At Boston Cremation, you’ll learn we only offer simple, direct cremation and we understand that most individuals do not select direct cremation just for the cost savings but as a personal preference. They want to release their families from the time restraints of traditional funerals, to save land space and do not wish to have public viewings or visitations. For years, Massachusetts families have placed their trust in Boston Cremation for the care of their loved one’s cremation arrangements. As Massachusetts largest provider of affordable simple cremation we consider ourselves the “Cremation Specialist.” We are dedicated to serving the families of Massachusetts and providing them with an alternative to expensive, costly funerals. Boston Cremation is 40% to 80% less than you local funeral home, that’s an impressive savings to you. Feel free to browse our media site and see for yourself the Boston Cremation difference. We also offer a full line of cremation jewelry and urns.

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